Oil and Boiler

Oil and Boiler

Oil & Boiler Furnaces

At 72 Degrees, we are here to make sure all your HVAC needs are covered. That includes providing you with the best possible options for both heating and cooling, including oil-burning furnaces or Hydronic heating systems (boiler heat).

Why Oil Burning Furnaces?

Oil furnaces are an energy-efficient way to generate heat. According to the United States Department of Energy, oil furnaces have an average Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 83 percent. This means that 83 percent of the fuel is directly converted into heat. A combination of traditional fuel oil and biofuel is available in some regions, which reduces environmental effects even more.


  • Safety

The oil burns cleanly and does not normally produce noxious carbon monoxide during combustion the way a natural gas furnace does. Unlike the dirtier fuels used in the past, today's fuel oil creates very little smoke or soot and the exhaust is practically odorless when dispersed into the atmosphere. Fuel oil can also be safer than natural gas because it will not explode if exposed to an open flame.

  • Efficiency

Oil-fired furnaces are a great opportunity to use renewable fuels to heat your home. Renewable fuels are fuels produced from renewable resources, such as vegetable oil and ethanol. Oil burning furnaces can be compared by checking the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the AFUE number, the more efficient the product is and the greater the potential for savings. Heating oil furnaces are typically within the ranges of 80-85%.

72 Degrees repairs all brands and installs several brands like Air Temp, Armstrong and Thermo Pride oil burning hot air furnaces. Ask us about our outstanding 10-year warranties. Contact us to learn more.

Why Hydronics (Boiler Heat)?

Boiler heating is typically more efficient and cost-effective to run than standard forced air heating. It also significantly lowers the amount of dust and noise from your heater. This is especially nice for those who suffer from allergies. Hydronics gives you greater control over the temperature in each room, avoiding each extreme of the temperature spectrum. Lower energy costs and a positive impact on the environment are only the beginning of the benefits to boiler heat.

Boiler systems work by heating up water and circulating it through radiators or elements placed in living spaces. Some systems heat the water until it turns to steam while others use only hot water. Heat from the steam or water radiates out into the living space as the steam or water cools. The water is then circulated back to the boiler through a return pipe where it is reheated.


  • Less Dust

Because boiler systems heat rooms using water in closed loops that don’t require a fan to blow are, they don't create dust in the same way that forced air furnace systems do.

  • Even Heat

Radiators distribute heat throughout a living space in an even way that helps to eliminate drafts. Although they don't necessarily make a room warmer than other forms of heating, the feel of the heat is different because it is infusing the air rather than blowing through a vent. This creates a comfortable, less drafty feeling in the room.

  • Heat where you need it

Boiler systems can be zoned to allow you to heat some parts of a house and not others or to heat different zones to different desired temperatures.

  • Quiet

The little noise that a boiler heating system produces is confined to the burning of the fuel that heats the water in the boiler.

72 Degrees repairs all brands of boilers and installs several brands like Hydrotherm and Burnham boilers.

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