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Autumn Is Here

Matthew Stewart - Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tomorrow, September 22, autumn will officially begin. Now the leaves will begin to change, pumpkin patches will sprout up, and the air will become cool and crisp. 

Soon, though, the weather will grow colder, and you want to make sure your home’s heating system is ready for whatever elements autumn and winter will bring. Make sure to schedule a furnace tune-up inspection, which will keep your heating unit in good shape throughout the cold months.

At 72 Degrees, our professionals will do a 60-90 minute precision tune-up, which goes through 17 steps and ensures that your heating system is safe and efficient and won’t break down when you need it the most. To see all the details of a tune-up and safety inspection, click here. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Hot chocolate and pumpkin carving, here we come!

Why Replace Your A/C Unit Now? We’ll Give You 1,500 Great Reasons!

Matthew Stewart - Sunday, April 21, 2013

Right now, you can get a brand new air conditioner or heat pump and receive $1,000 off the price of your new system. Plus…save an extra $500 with a federal tax credit. Not to mention the Duke Energy rebates. So that all adds up to $1,500 in savings on a new cooling system!

Then top it all off with our 10-year Parts and Labor Warranty completely free!

Plus a new energy-efficient system will save you big on your summer energy bills! You can pay the power company or you can pay yourself. We say why not pay yourself and enjoy the reliable comfort of brand new cooling system.

Call now or schedule your appointment.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Matthew Stewart - Friday, February 22, 2013

When you read the words, “heat pump,” you probably imagine something made for heating up your house during the cold winter season. But, a heat pump is not just for winter. It’s for the entire year.

During the winter, a heat pump brings heat from the air and helps it flow through your air ducts, warming your house. During the summer, it takes the heat from inside your house and releases it outside, cooling your home. So in effect, a heat pump helps airflow all the time and makes your home energy efficient. It functions much in the same way that an air conditioner does.

However, a benefit of using a heat pump is that you don’t have to install separate heating and cooling systems; heat pumps roll that into one. They also transfer heat instead of burning fuel to create it, saving energy.

In addition, heat pumps dehumidify indoor air as it cools and produce smaller temperature swings, so you’re not hot one minute and cold the next.

And the fact that they can be used year-round makes them cost effective and can lower your heating and cooling costs.

Contact us to see if a heat pump is right for your home.

Save more green this spring with a $69 Precision Tune-up

Matthew Stewart - Friday, March 16, 2012

Your friends will be green with envy when they see all of the green you've saved with 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating! We're offering you a "Spring Precision Tune-Up" for ONLY $69! That 's a big savings for you and your family. As you know, well-maintained equipment can save you green and help the environment as well since it will run more efficiently.  

To schedule a Precision Tune-Up with 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, click here or call 828-449-8057.

What is A Heat Pump Anyway?

Matthew Stewart - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you hear others talk about 'heat pumps' and wonder what they are and how they can benefit a household? Basically, a heat pump operates all year long. It draws heat from the air outdoors and circulates it through your duct work in the winter, while releasing the heat inside your home to the outdoors in the summer. What are one of the biggest benefits of a heat pump? Since it operates all year long and helps circulate the airflow, they can be quite cost effective and energy efficient.

For more information on heat pumps, click here.

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