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First Day of Summer is Here

Matthew Stewart - Friday, June 21, 2013

Today, June 21, the summer season officially begins. Along with it comes lounging by the pool, picnics in the park, baseball games, and other fun summer pastimes.

But summertime also means air conditioning, and lots of it. Here at 72 Degrees, we offer a wide range of cooling products and services to keep you from the heat this summer:

  • Energy-saving central cooling systems installed and repaired
  • Expert troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • EPA registered and certified technicians
  • Strict EPA refrigerant guidelines followed
  • Freon leak detection
  • Service and replacement for all cooling systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Billing by the job, not by the hour
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Standard medium and high capacity air filters
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Energy saving thermostats

Contact 72 Degrees for all your air conditioning and cooling problems this summer. Don’t let the heat get you down!

Why Replace Your A/C Unit Now? We’ll Give You 1,500 Great Reasons!

Matthew Stewart - Sunday, April 21, 2013

Right now, you can get a brand new air conditioner or heat pump and receive $1,000 off the price of your new system. Plus…save an extra $500 with a federal tax credit. Not to mention the Duke Energy rebates. So that all adds up to $1,500 in savings on a new cooling system!

Then top it all off with our 10-year Parts and Labor Warranty completely free!

Plus a new energy-efficient system will save you big on your summer energy bills! You can pay the power company or you can pay yourself. We say why not pay yourself and enjoy the reliable comfort of brand new cooling system.

Call now or schedule your appointment.

Join the Enerpeace Club

Matthew Stewart - Thursday, March 07, 2013

What is the Enerpeace Club? Well, it provides our customers energy savings, peace and comfort throughout the year. Membership in the club allows you access to:

  • Front of the line, red carpet service
  • Bi-annual tune-ups
  • Big time savings on energy bills
  • Huge discounts on repairs
  • Breathe easier with our expert indoor air quality services


With the 72 Degrees Enerpeace Club, you will reap the benefits of more energy efficiency as well as peace of mind regarding the fact that your home’s heating and cooling systems are in working order.

There is also another membership plan: Enerpeace Club Maintenance. This provides more options for you and your family.

The memberships include the Diamond Membership, Gold Membership and Silver Membership. As a club member, you won’t have to worry about other ways you can save money because you’ll already be saving money! Can’t beat that. Contact 72 Degrees to learn which plan is right for you and your home.

Get in the Zone

Matthew Stewart - Sunday, February 17, 2013

What kind of zone, you ask? Actually, we’re talking about your home’s heating and cooling zone. Knowing how to make your home’s temperature efficient by zoning is important to saving money and energy. And during this time of year when the weather can be very fickle, zoning will help minimize expense.

Instead of needing to have the whole house be a set temperature, a zoning system allows you to control the temperatures of different areas in the home. When you’re in one area, set that temperature according to your preferences, but be sure to turn off the heat or air conditioning in a vacant area so that room is not receiving unnecessary heat or air.

Maybe you have a workout room that you like to keep cooler than the rest of the house. So instead of cooling the entire house when you want to use that room, simply cool that one area with a zoning system in place. And there’s no expensive installation either.

A zoning system will make a difference on your electric bills all year long. Plus, it will make it easier for you to heat or cool a specific area than without the system, giving you more comfort and flexibility.

Let us know if a zoning system is right for you.

72 Degrees offers Tips to help Save Money on Heating Bills

Paul Gassett - Saturday, January 26, 2013

Energy efficiency is becoming much more important in a world where we must be conscious of our resources. With the start of a new year, we can take this chance to refresh our outlook on energy usage. The average home uses 38% of its total energy usage on heating per year. There are many little things you can do to conserve energy and lower your utility bill when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Stay conscious of these little pieces of advice.

The sun can contribute heating in the winter but force air conditioners and fans to work harder -- and use more energy -- in the summer. During winter months, you can take advantage of sunlight by opening your curtains during the day to allow the sun to naturally heat your home. During warmer months, use shades or blinds to keep the heat out by closing them during the day. In particular, shade west-facing windows. Using sunlight can also reduce the need to use overhead lights, lamps and other types of artificial light.

For times that you are using heating and people are home, set your thermostat to 68°F for optimal energy efficiency. During nighttime, or when no one is in the house, turn the thermostat down about 8 degrees. When the house will be empty for at least 24 hours, turn the temperature down to between 50 and 55°F. Having a programmable thermostat with Energy Star certification could save about 10% on your heating an cooling costs – this allows you to reset your thermostat when your are asleep or away from home.

General upkeep of your home is also important for energy efficiency. If you replace just one windowpane in your house with an energy-efficient one, the new window prevents heat from escaping in the window during the winter. The same principal holds for the summer – cold air is held in and warm air is kept out. 

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